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During 2018, I re-located back to the UK, where I’m enjoying a cultural ‘refresh’ after 15 years spent in NW France.  The UK has changed – It is still taking me time to fully re-adjust to life back in ‘Old Blighty’.

It’s been over ten years since my last album! Way too long, but I now feel ready to re-kindle that writing spark.

You’ll quickly notice that only two tracks currently appear!  I’ve decided to add the tracks, incrementally, once final mixes permit.  They will also be available in ‘Full Length’, on a temporary basis, until the whole album is ready for official release. [Hence, the no need for ‘Streaming Provision’ – for the moment.]


… reminds me of those harmony bands from the early seventies, … like ‘America’ and ‘Crosby, Stills & Nash’ … very easy on the ear …”

Hardly surprising, considering those two bands were amongst many of the musical influences on me and Pete May, during our guitar ‘apprenticeship’, some 40 years ago.  [Album back cover photo: Jul, 1977 – me on the left] I first met Pete May at Itchen VI Form College (see above), during September, 1970.  Both Southampton born and bred, we shared similar musical tastes, and formed our first band by that December; along with two other local Southampton Itchen College pals, Barry Woolnough (Guitar) and Pete Crawford (Percussion).  By the mid to late 70s we had produced a number of our own compositions, all recorded at home, on our Sony (Sound On Sound) Reel to Reel tape recorder. By the end of that decade, our respective Teacher Training careers led us to pursue separate paths.  A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, but we have always remained close friends. During 2009, I discussed the idea, with Pete, of re-visiting some of our favourite songs from those early years.  With his kind permission I ‘tweaked’ many of the lyrics and song structures, updated the Copyrights, and started re-recording.  This became a ‘fun’ project, and I do believe I’ve kept the ‘feel’ and ‘style’ of those original tracks.  All tracks were recorded at my home @ Dol de Bretagne, NW France.

Written and recorded at my cottage, as seen on the album cover.  Location: Baguer-Pican, a small village, five kilometres from Dol de Bretagne, NW France. Three of the tracks, namely (2), (7) and (10), were produced by Malcolm Holmes, the drummer from ‘Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark’. [OMD]

Two of the tracks, “Love Mistake” and “The One”, became ‘Track Of The Day’ winners on the prestigious music site, ‘Garageband’, … now sadly discontinued.

DEMOS (EP) - 2002

My home, during 2002, was originally a ‘Cob’ 13th Century Grade II farm house, nr. Tintagel, Cornwall.  Yes, a good place to escape from the pressures of my then, Business World, and ask myself – ‘what should I do with the rest of my life?’  After 25 years of working in the private and public sector, I decided to head ‘Full-Time’ into song writing.  Better late than never …

You may like to compare these DEMOS with their finished versions on my ‘Debut’ Album, Chez Moi [2006].  In particular, the track, “Love Will Find A Way” changed greatly from the original here, under the direction of Malcolm Holmes. [Orchestral Manoevres In The Dark]

Finally, you will notice there are NO ‘streaming buttons’ for the 3 tracks on my 2002 Demo EP.  This is because these tracks are NOT FOR SALE.  However, I have placed here, the ‘full versions’ of these tracks, for your enjoyment.